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worst thing I have lost



I had lost my eldest son, my first baby... born on an island, far out at sea.

But, I have the Funerary Urn that holds him now, close by me.

Me and My Brother

Danny was two years younger than me.

Once years ago at the only gay/lesbian bar in Contra Costa County, I lost an earring.  My friends and I were dancing (one of my students was a dancer at the club and asked me to come and he was d

I lost my three children ten years ago after a contentious custody battle. The judge's decision came down two weeks before the World Trade Center crumbled in a pile of smoldering ash.

I  am  the product of a dance, a young girl, an indian truck driver. The year was 1954, either el paso texas or juarez mexico.

The window spanned the room and looked down over the fields to the bay.

The way to love anything is to realize it might be lost. -G. K.