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The author and his beard...

When I finished my first novel, "This is My Blood," I was floating around on the ocean on board the USS Bainbridge.  The novel was an expansion of my novelette, "A Candle in the Sun

The publisher of my first book, Women Who Love Men Who Kill (Simon & Schuster), actually did somethings well: The cover was great, and the publicity --- well, they booked me on the Today

Red Room has suggested blog entries on things one might have done differently with one's first book, given the benefit of hindsight. Certainly for me that would be choosing a different title!


The biggest mistake I made on my first book, BARRY BONDS: BASEBALL'S SUPERMAN, was in thinking their editors would find any errors - spelling, facts - that may have been left in the early drafts.

I'm joining all of Red Room's Authors in writing a short blog post on this week's topic: "What was a misstep that you (or your publisher) made with publis