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This is a very hard topic,redroom,and I will tell you why.From the time I learned to read at age 6 I devoured books and have ever since.  AS I age,my tastes have changed,probably due to my time ru

This week we've been asked to blog about a favorite novel.

I've read a plethora of novels.  An exorbitance.  An extravagance.  A superfluity.  But never enough.


Published in 1957 after years in the works, Ayn Rand's magnum opus, "Atlas Shrugged" is one o

My favorite and my most hated novel is the one I'm working on. I love the vision of my story but I abhor much of what I've actually written.

Although Woolf's novels generally are not "favorites" of mine, her life was incredibly interesting and enigmatic, so I tend to read her novels and study about her life and death.

How many people have a favourite novel forever? I don’t think it can ever happen!

The assignment for this week’s Red Room Blog was to write about my favorite novel.

I first read Austerlitz by W.G.

I've been reading novels for almost as long as I have been reading.  Of course, like most early readers, I started with picture books, but it wasn't long before I was reading My Friend Flicka<