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Brother William in The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco must investigate a series of murders in an abbey in 12th century Italy.

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Nancy Drew was my first detective.  In third grade, I began to read the series and I was hooked.  Here was a young woman--someone who looked like me (sort of!), who combined thought and action an

I had just one.  Choosing one favorite detective is like choosing one favorite food (or favorite song).  Just as I like different foods (songs) at different times, the same is true for detectives

I was asked who my favorite detective is.  Wow, that’s like asking wh

  I must confess to having not one, but two favorite detectives.  The first is the one and only Sherlock Holmes, whose deductive reasoning seduced me completely when I was in sixth grade.  That

My Favorite fictional detective is Father Brown by GK Chesterton. It is the only series of mysteries that I have read three times. I like how he looks at things from different angles.


Harriet Vane, a Dorothy Sayers creation, is almost my favorite detective.  Recently, however, and quite by accident, I rediscovered Agatha Christie.

Diagnostics engineer Lt.

Swann's Last Song

I think every writer who's ever tried to write a detective novel has a favorite they've modeled their protagonist on, and I have several who went into the making of Henry Swann who, technically spe