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Like someone else said on here,its hard to pick out the favorite Christmas when you have celebrated it 65 times!

Christmas was a reminder of how little we had in this world.

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We were living away from home by then, but that particular Christmas my brother and I decided to spend the holiday with our parents, for two cogent reasons: our maternal grandmother was to be there, s

Christmas in Kydex

They call it Kydex.  To me, it was just hard, tan plastic, but it must have some unique qualities to warrant having its own trademarked name like that.  Anyway, the two-piece clamshell jacket was


As a young girl growing up in Miami Florida, my greatest wish was to experience a white Christmas.

We lived in England when I was a child. I remember one especially magical Christmas, because it was the year my dad won a lot of money on a horse race!

Here's an exercise for you - Come up with the one definitive Christmas moment or day?

Here's the problem - Is it possible?

I sit here on Christmas Eve eve and reflect about Christmas's past.  Having two teenagers make me wish for the early days when the coming of Santa was a highly anticipated event and the looks of b

I was young enough that I still believed in Santa Claus, though I don't remember being in awe of Santa or feeling the magic of his existence.