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My earliest memory is from the age of 3. I was playing with my sister Peggy who was 4 ½. I had a brother who was 5 ½ and a younger sister who was 1 ½.

Rad Bradbury said he could remember back to his moment of birth. I can't go that far back, but I remember incidences from my first year.

It's amazing what sticks out in your mind when you're only 3 years-old.  I firmly believe that in order for a human being of that age to remember something until adulthood, that they can recollec

My Earliest Memory

It is my first memory—
a crib memory—
the form of my father
looming high above me

and then his voice
and mother’s voice

They say, creative people such as writers and artists are able to remember further back into their past than most others. I've found this to be relatively true.

My mother was a teenager when I was born, and on the night that she became a very young widow I was three. We were waiting for my father to come home from a road trip.

I don’t remember exactly how young I was back then, may be four or five, when this happened (which makes it 1980/81).

At the age of 3, we lived in a dark apartment next to the EL, somewhere in Chicago. My father loved animals and one day he brought home a tiny striped kitten.

I reach back into the hoary mists of time, that place where people long dead still live an