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I was yearning for a year off so when the offer arrived I made up my mind even before the formal announcement.  It was a big and exciting challenge to tak



An abundance of good is a wonderful thing when acknowledged and accepted as a normal aspect of your life.

Some of my most profound realizations steal upon me at the most mundane of moments. Last spring’s revelation arrived while I clipped laundry to the clothesline.


While I was teaching in the Creative Writing class at Lee High School, a well-meaning student brought me a Christmas gift of two hermit crabs in an "eco" box, complete with sea salt water

Me and my son



I was an unhappy twenty-four year old married woman, and I had just had a miscarriage. When that happened all I could think was: I could now leave my marriage. I wasn't trapped anymore.

great blue heron photographed from our kayak

I profess to have faith in God and as such, am supposed to trust in God. But when it came to the family finances, I never seemed to be able to find that pool of trust.


Being tenacious, hanging on when everything and everyone tells you to stop, is an importan


Michigan State University's Special Archives wanted my literary papers for a long time, but I always resisted selling them.

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