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Mentor and friend King George was an exemplary example for me of fearles


The man in the mirror is my hero. And who can blame me?


 I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ‘til the morning light
He’s gotta be sure
And it’s gotta be soon

It’s funny…I was just thinking about this question the other day, thinking about whom


There was no time that I can recall where I had a specific hero in my life; at least not the kind of hero that is defined by the dictionary.


I don't much like the notion of heroes. I've always had a tendency to idealize important figures in my life and then struggle with the inevitable reality that they have flaws, like anyone else.

Deja - at table3.jpg

Just like Bonnie Tyler, I'm in need of a hero. Not so much writer's block as researcher's block.

Pauline Rowson with fire-fighters from Red Watch, Portsmouth

I’m often asked by readers whether my tough, earthy character, the flawed and rugged Inspector Horton in my

I can shatter bone. With no more effort than it takes you to grab a pencil, I can pulverize your femur. With a flex of my quads I c


My heroes are not famous but should be. First on my list, my Mom, who cooked, cleaned, clothed, drove, kissed, cried, laughed and loved nine kids, day after day, year after year. Five girls.