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I wasn't sure if I wanted to write about happiness this week, partly because during Christmas I had a monster of a cold.

Puppy critic

     “Happiness?  That’s an easy one.  I know the answ

Everyday Shakespeare

 Lady Macbeth lives in Scotland and is a contributing editor to the "Ask the Experts" column at

I think the key to happiness is to simply do the honorable thing at all times.  Life is life and so one can


Happiness...fleeting?  Always beyond my grasp when I

Maggie Kast Freud may have suffered from Northern European grouchiness when he allegedly said that the most we can hope for is "ordinary unhappiness,"but the idea of happiness as paramount g


As a mother of two I find myself feeling guilty before I even put down any words about happiness.


True happiness is the entire absence of sadness.  That may seem a bit simplistic, but trying to define happiness is like t

My new book, released in 2009

The condition of happiness strikes me as temporal not timeless, lightweight more than light-hearted.


This last year I learned to be happy in the midst of surgery/chemotherpy and various other treatments for cancer.