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What we think is shallow

Just may be a gallow

Don’t fall asleep on a true meaning so deep

Ghost Orchid, Mystery & Mystique

My girlfriend was in a dither because at last, this divorcee had a date.  He was a high school principal and a good catch for a young divorcee with a child.  The invitation was for a "Hallow

Hallowe'en was not a part of our culture.  I probably went out three times when a tiny girl.  Hated it!   I did not feel comfortable.

Happy Fall

Hi tis the season  to be scary.  Another  religious  holiday for those who  practice the Wiccan religion or Catholics who believe in the saints and pay homage to them, to be turned into a commer

Dolores as Deluxe

“Who am I?  Where am I?  What am I?”  I’m a big orange Pumpkin with little green legs kicking wildly as


When I was seven or eight years old, we lived in a working class neighborhood of Rockville Centre, Long Island.  It was all blue collar, the place my mother wanted to emerge from, to rise out of.

I love New Orleans. When I was in grad school, my husband and I decided to start a political consulting firm. We signed a candidate in Mobile, and went down over a weekend to meet him.