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There is a scene from the movie "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" that makes me think of my parents when young.  The exquisite Sandra Lockheart playing a 16 year old girl and her boyfriend

Mom and Dad

If there’s one thing we cannot choose in this lifetime, its parents.

I didn't come out until I was 31.

I grew up in a time when being black meant you had to watch yourself, where you went, who you looked at and what the signs said. Remember this was still in the 1960's

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Some Red Room topics are harder to write about than others. Identifying great parents is one of them.

Red Room invites us: This week, whether it's your own parents or someone else's, please blog about the best example you've seen of great parenting.

(I wrote the following on Thanksgiving Day, 2009.

When I first started dating Dan - who would later become my husband - he surprised me only a couple of weeks into our dating life by asking me over to dinner with some of his family: Kate and Jan,

My brother and I were adopted in 2008 by Ken Pitman, the man we’ve called Dad since 1967. I was forty-eight, my brother was fifty and two years had passed since our biological father passed away.