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deniseWhen I turned 50 I started to h

Now's the time to really be original. Cliches are the quickest way to date yourself.

How did you know that I'm supposed to be getting older?  Did a certain someone speak out of turn, squealing like a runaway porker stuck in the mud?   My hair is the same shade of gray that it's

"Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative" -Maurice Chevalier

I once wrote about Edna Cornelius, the self-taught artist, who had a zest for living.  I made the statement (or at least tried to imply) that when I grew up and older that I wanted to be just like

I think it was George Bernard Shaw who said youth was wasted on the young.

The Best Part of getting Older is being able to write about it with authority. But hey, we’re all getting older from the minute we are born.

The Poet:  Michael Lee Johnson, Reflects Upon Age

Graying in My Life

By Michael Lee Johnson 

I turned 38 last week. I believe I handled it well. To celebrate, I went for a walk by the Bay and marveled at the beauty of the mountains, the sea gulls in the sky, how the sky was so blue.

It's official: I'm a crone.