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D:  Ivory, you didn't write a detective blog!  I didn't either, because I thought you would write a better one!

47 is only middle-aged if one lives to be 94. Relatives on my dad's side of the family often reach 80, but those on my mom's side are lucky to reach their mid-sixties.

What I Like About Growing Older


Morton Chalfy



There are many things I haven't enjoyed about getting older, and most of these are about the body.  The body isn't as elastic as it used to be and things start to drift and slide, gravity an inces

Celebration of Wrinkles, Original acrylic by Linda Hunter

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I recently put a very large smile on my 61-year-old sister-in-law's face when I called her and told her that her brother had left her $100,000.  She has a beautiful complexion already, with only a

There's a Target in the suburbs of San Antonio that will forever be remembered, by me at least, as "The Target where we left Mom." I'm the Mom in question, and I bought myself a coffee an

Getting old ain't so bad.  Truly, it really isn't.  Okay, there I've garbled my grammar in the very first sentence, and that's one of the joys of aging - you can get away with the most outrageous

So the question of the day is, "What is the best part of getting older?" I can't speak to most of them.