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My favorite science fiction writer is Ursula LeGuin, and my favorite of all her books is The Left Hand of Darkness.

The be all and end all of science fiction stories, for me at least, is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.  It is followed closely by Ender's Shadow, also

I’d have followed his path, engineer, scientist,
working on some secret government rocketry project,
as he had been before he died, according to my mother.

At the ripe of age of 11 or 12, I learned there were such things as banned books.  It did not set well with me even then, and I went

When I was a very young woman, and Ray Bradbury was already a senior citizen, I was trying to impress a guy I liked by reading a story to his little daughter.

This will sound very boorish and reveal the wastrel in me but I don't like to read science fiction--I like to watch it.  I know I'm supposed to love The Left Hand of Darkness and all of


I could throw a dart at the collected short stories of Isaac Asimov and be perfectly happy reading whatever story it hit.

  If currrent socio-political trends lead to increasingly intrusive  public practices/policies for insuring new kinds of equality, we could find ourselves  under the watchful eyes of Vonne

THE KEY, awarding winning space opera

I am relatively new to writing and reading science fiction, so my reading has been all over the place as I pick up suggestions from long time science fiction readers, but there are two authors that

Bioengineered dolphins, chimpanzees and humans captaining spaceships. A galaxy of baddies after them for a secret they don't know they have. An engineers' dream of working with what you have.