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My story takes place in 1981, when I was a "starving student" and living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment.  My husband, Ray was courting me at the time-I didn't know what to buy him for C

It was December 1966, a few days before Christmas, and I was in Chu Lai Vietnam with several weeks left before my

Victoria Roder

     At the age of seven I was adopted.  Discharged from the hospital I arrived at my new family with a few belongings drowing in a paperbag.  That bag carried a few articles of clothing and one

I like all my gifts i cant choose one. I love Christmas and everything that goes with it.

My favorite holiday gift was given to me, oh, probably when I was eight or nine.

"Santa" aka my dad, purchased a Sega Genesis for me.

Wishing & Shifting

Dear Santa,