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The small easy chair was stashed on top of the luggage. The smog had not overtaken mist in those days.

  We never had a lot of money--our father was a freelance artist and our mother was a stay-at-home Mom (in the lingo of the 1960s a "housewife")--so Christmas was not about lists and sp

I've gotten a lot of great presents over the years.  With four kids now ranging in age from nineteen to twenty-nine, I could probably string a paper chain made of gift wrap and ribbon and cellopha

     Although I have received many beautiful and memorable Christmas gifts over the years, there is one that means more to me than wo

Ring on Finger

I told my husband Michael it would be a hard row to hoe this Christmas.  After all, last year he gave me an engagement ring in my stocking on Christmas Eve.  What's next?  A garbage disposal? 

A miniature-adult figure dressed in shimmering white satin decorated with beads and lace stared back at m

came before christmas 2002 when my husband Jim proposed to me.  It was not really romantic but very comical.

gold hands.jpg

Dear Melissa, 

 It’s your 4th birthday today.  What good luck that Mrs. Pickering chose such a spectacular craft project for her preschool class on this day.  

When I was ten years old, I wanted, more than anything, to be a hippie.  It was 1968.  I wore horse blanket ponchos, high boots (rain boots, but I could pretend), and was graced with a head of bl

Connor and I goofing around in front of the camera
The best Christmas gift I ever received actually arrived a few days before Christmas. It was the afternoon of the 23rd of 2002.