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For Judith Ann Walker

The gracious brick coloured city

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Suddenly, I felt naked.

The lyrics of countless songs reference it. Movies have explored its underbelly and lauded its strength. It is a contradiction of

The Discovery of Luminous Being, cover

What immediately comes to mind when I think back on my years in Montreal is the beauty and vibrancy of the place.

At the Romance Writers of America National conference this past July, I learned a new term for a work in progress, a term other than WIP--which was actually new to me as well.  This term was POS,


My favourite city used to be Venice, my wife and I went there on our honeymoon.

Where Three Faiths Meet

To the city where I was born,

to the city where once Napoleon said that if the world was a single state then its capital would be Constantinople,


Where else in the world could you be on a city bus at midnight, when the driver throws up his hands, declares, mi son sfasta riats, (my member has had enough), pulls the bus over to the si

The Masterpiece that have survived Ages

How can one appreciate something without knowing it? How can you affiliate your affections with a remote dwelling or/and dwellers?