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Karna Small Bodman, Author

What do you think of when you read the word "power?" Power of the military? Power of positive thinking? Well, I associate the word power with Washington, D.C.

Eline Vere

The Hague city is the city of Louis Couperus.


They'd come from the four corners of the human condition' of the "Human Condition".

Kimberley Cameron & Associates

Why have I chosen to live part of my life in this city?  From my window, I see Paris.  I live on a park at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and Paris everyday, passes by my window.

The creations of my inspirations.

I have been around the United States a time or two. I have been from Florida to Arizona. I picked up Texas and Oklahoma, along with New Mexico and back around to Arizona.


San Francisco in the minds of many conjours up images of Golden Gate Bridges and Seaside views; of Active faultlines and Busy streets.

Still Inspired by Tangiers

I’ve visited many cities around the world that have inspired me as a writer, but I

After moving to the high desert city of Albuquerque, I learned that writers wh

The cover of "Garden of hope"

My Favorite city, Rio de Janeiro

Benin, the ancient city of the 'Igodomigodos'

Seated in a quiet part of the South-South Nigeria

Carpeted with red soils, circled by moats and laced with rivers