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Publicity is the life-blood of success in any mass-market endeavor, from pop-culture

Welcome to 15 minutes of insane.

I got a thing about certain people's 15 minutes of fame.  I also try to keep everything in perspective when it comes to this pop culture phenomenon of pe

 Call me old fashion, or a stick in the mud if you will; however, with all the young music stars who can leave a favorable impression on the tweens and teens of today, I just don't get Lady GaGa.<

To be a writer does not necessarily make you an author.  To be a singer does not necessarily make you a rock star.  Some in both categories, however, make it to the top of best seller lists and top

My grandmother always said that if you didn't have something nice to say about someone then blog about them. 


Russell Brand is a British stand-up comic, who built a platform for himself as a serial womaniser.

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