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I will tell you what I know of death and taxes: Each year as the filing deadline draws close, I am riddled with anxiety and die innumerable deaths, all of which precipit

Death and taxes…

Paul, Age Twenty-seven

"When I held Sam alone for the first time..., I was nursing him and feeling really spiritual, thinking, please, please God, help him be someone who feels compassion, who feels God's presen

Death you can count on.  With taxes, there's some wiggle room. 


Death and Taxes? I can’t do much about either. After having authored five books on cemeteries, I’ll take on death.


This week we lost our dear sweet Smudge.

Like thousands of other gay families did, Em and I submitted fraudulent tax returns this weekend. We didn't mean to, didn't want to, but we had to.


They say that the only things that are inevitable are death and taxes.  Here in New York state there is also taxing death, why not they tax everything else.