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Sometimes it’s hard to be funny in a world that is either ultr

When I Earned the Heart of an English Bulldog

Revenge was

How I wish it were possible to meet other people's behavior in kind without having to think of oneself as equally churlish.



On my usual walk for exercise, I stopped off at the 7-11 about a mile from my house.

It's been a week since the inauguration and I'm still trying to recover. So much hoopla during a time when the economy is suffering. So much money spent.  Billions. I have trouble fathoming that amount.  It's beyond my comprehension. I hope a good bit of it was funneled to workers who need the money.  An honest day's pay for an honest job.What really stays with me is my embarrassment for the ...

Manners.  Whatever happened to manners? I'm starting to feel older than my years. This is nothing new. I've watched the detrioration of any semblence of civility for awhile now. Whatever happened to "Please," and "Thank You?" And that's just the tip of the iceberg.I live on the corner of two streets. This puts my driveway just before the corner. I not only have trouble ...