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back to school

To say that I remember high school is a bit of an understatement. I loved school. I was the best in my year at Biology and I was Music Captain in senior year.


It’s the first day of school for most of our kids on Tuesday. All of the kids go to a great, truly remarkably school called Grace St. Luke’s here in Memphis.


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If you are a regular kid, going back to school in the fall is probably a relief. You won't admit it, of course, but it is true.


Five years ago last month was my first day at Mills College. I waited a good portion of my life to go to four-year college.

Things needed for class: He's checked his booklist, bought most of the books and ordered the rest from the bookstore. One class still hasn't registered. He says he doesn't mind.


Like the new shoes my mother bought me, like my stiff, new wicker basket with the green polka dot lining that held my


I've been a teacher for thirty-three years.  My first teaching job was a Freshman Comp class when I was a graduate student in English.  Twenty-four, I looked twelve.  So I pinned up my hair and wor

Don't you just love the smell of fall? The air begins to cool and the leaves begin to turn. Kids and parents are frantic in their preparations for school. It's total caos!!


Tears are not the way to start the year off.  As adults we seem to think these things are ominous portents of the school year ahead.  But we forget that for kids they are not.