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back to school

Looking forward to another year

The Hello Kitty backpack is ready, as are the Justin Bieber notebook and the shiny purple pencil box freshly larded with Ticonderoga #2s.

When I was 17, I was accepted to attend Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.

End of Summer is the Beginning of Autumn

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Celestia Buckingham Smith.  I the author of College Life In Paradise Hawaiian Style, published by PublishAmerica.  I am new at blogging, but when I recei

The summer sun burned hot on my back as I walked through a development of townhouses on my way to the park.

As we prepare for the last day of vacation before the new school year (in my family’s case


As I prepare for my college students to return next week, my thoughts go to my first job after all my college and graduate work was done.  I no longer had to go back to school at the end of summer; I

Brett,grandkids and me

From 4th grade on my second son,Brett,decided school was "optional" .

The Mind Fuck: T