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While to many Memorial Day is a day for barbecuing—the official kickoff to the summer season—for me it forever

Vienna, 2006

It was a heart-thumping, Norman Rockwell time to be a kid, during the Big War. Provided, that is, you could be a kid in the solidly patriotic U.S.A.


Memories of World War Two


My earliest recollections of my Father’s memories of World War II involve the mess hall.

Is war ever really "good?"  I suppose there are "good" reasons to fight a war but I feel very ambivalent about calling any war "good."

I was about four and a half at the start of the Battle of Britain, and though it may sound disgracefully callous, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it.

At the start of World War I, America was ranked twenty fifth in the international list of military powers.  After two world wars fought by Europens chiefly for heir nation state rather than politi

(In memory of my father Sunday Eke, who fought and survived the World War II in Burma)

Memorial Day is coming, and graves will be decorated.  But the longer we are from World War II, the few