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What Would Shakespeare blog

Oh happy Pie!

Normally I'm not prompted much by blog suggestions, but I just read, "What would Shakespeare blog?" That instantly got me to thinking is the question as if Shakespeare were alive now or as i

O what a rogue House Member Weiner is! 

Is it not monstrous that this ‘playa' from New York,

In but his undies, in Fruit of the Looms,

Here I am in 16th century England. It is during the time of William "The Bard" Shakespeare.

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Shakespeare would no doubt have a blog in which he would skewer and otherwise insult critics, politicians, actors, and other people “false of heart, light of ear, a

 (To Antonio: From Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice)

"Signior Antonio, many a time and oft.." (Is only the beginning).


What if Shakespeare had a sister?
Well, he did have several brothers and sisters and we all know there's a 'ghost' of a rumor that he did not write his own


When I presume I’ve done my deeds so well,

I look upon your willowed words and tell

Forsooth, why? My actors are my blog, what platform need I

Save the sounding planks, which I chose, knowing full well

They would amplify my thoughts across the reaches of time

Dear Readers--

Bloggeth the Bard of Avon?

"To blog or not to blog: that is the question." –Not Hamlet, Act III, scene 1