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Best Blogs 2008


Until now, the first known recording of Allen Ginsberg reading his thunderous poem “HOWL” was thought to have occurred in Berkeley, Ca. on March 18, 1956.

As many people who write books are wont to do, I was on Amazon.com not long ago. But I wasn’t checking on rankings or anything.

Every writer knows that a good query letter is crucial in getting a manuscript read by an agent, which is the first step in getting an offer for representation.

I've never written a blog entry. I don't really know what blogs are. Confessions? Random thoughts? Stuff you later regret saying in a public forum of strangers? Why do people have blogs? To reveal their unconscious thoughts raised into consciousness? To spout about any little thought that comes to mind and capture it before it floats aware forever like exhaled breath, or hayweed or dandruff? ...

A writer friend said the other day that he wondered why writers would blog. “I mean, they write for a living,” he said. “Why would they want to write when they don’t have to?