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For the three years I lived in San Francisco’s notorious Tenderloin district, my local bar was The Edinburgh Castle pub, a “Scottish” pub owned by a Korean family and managed by Glaswegian writer,

Wayne Rooney

I say "career" because obviously I'm not actually being paid (yet) But a new examination of something I've loved since I was a boy - the game of soccer - has me discovering just how deeply this gam

All righty folks, I finished reading The Glorious World Cup the other day and I can say it was a very fun read.  It walks the reader through all of the highs and lows of the world cup, so

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It was a glorious day on Sunday for the Glorious World Cup when the glorious Liane Hanson interviewed me and my glorious partner in crime Alan Black on Weekend Edition.  She was absolutely the pro'

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 Thanks once again to Huffington Post for giving me some love.  Nice to seeWorld Cup fever is spreading.



Bob Calhoun reading short Burns poems that bag on rich people at the Edinburgh Castle on 1/24/2009.

THE EDINBURGH CASTLE on Geary Street has been dubbed "a literary for