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Happy New Year! http://meowaum.com/2457-let-me-sleep/ The first dream,  Am I a bird?  Or the bird, I? In Japan, Jan. 2nd is called the first dream of New Year.    
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Small Knowledge said: "Ji Zhen holds that the world was not created by anything, and Jiezi holds that it was created by something. Which is correct and which is wrong?"Comprehensive Understanding, as reported by Zhuangzi, replied: "Cocks crow and dogs bark." That's what Zhuangzi...
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Some wake up to an alarm clock, some to a rooster call, some to a spreading aroma of coffee, some to a lick of the dog’s tongue.  Here’s a Jiddu Krishnamurti line that woke me up yesterday… “Seeking is never born of humility.” Indeed.  To seek is to desire something different from “this.”  To seek...
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"Once I, Zhuang Zhou, dreamt that I was a butterfly fluttering about happily. I did not know that I was Zhou. Suddenly, I awoke, and there I was, Zhou again. I did not know whether it was Zhou dreaming that he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming that it was Zhou" (Zhuangzi). Are you...
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The word “tautology” literally means “repeating what has been said” (from Greek tauto for “same” and logos for “saying”)(1), as in "A is A." The philosophical East and West differ in terms of the value of saying the same thing twice. From the stand-point of the Western thought, Popeye’s...