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Before I went to bed last night I asked for a dream, as I do when I want guidance from my unconscious. After all, the greater part of our psyche is out of sight, submerged, with only the top in view, which is why Freud used the image of an iceberg to depict the psyche, the submerged part having...
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photo: from the film's Wikipedia page   I'm posting this entry quite a bit after I'd seen the film because I wanted to post the entry for Silver Linings Playbook before Sunday's Academy Awards--as at least Jennifer Lawrence should win something from that very good film--and because I wanted...
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review of "Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea" (Charles Seife, 2000) Here's a curious occurence.  "The Indian name for zero is sunya, meaning "empty," which the Arabs turned into sifr.  When some Western scholars described the new number to their colleagues, they...