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As comfortably as I can, trying my best not to disgust others by chewing loudly, chewing with an open mouth or talking with food in my mouth; this is how I will eat. Making noises while I chew my food makes me sound like animal. Leaving my mouth open when I chew food doesn’t really look pretty and...
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 Some rich people have a false sense of superiority because of their financial edge. This, I know very well because I see some struggling people developing a false sense of inferiority on account of their diminished financial status. Between these two groups of people stands a towering giant...
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Before I eat anything I remind myself that I’m eating to live. I am not living to eat. I only want to satisfy hunger. Simply because the food is delicious doesn’t give me the right to eat more than my body needs. But I should also take my time and chew my food well. I will take my time with eating...
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Giving is a virtue that cannot survive without skill. Sometimes we find ourselves in a position to give. But during the act we make the mistake of sounding like we are getting rid of stuff we don’t need. For example, in 2002 my Canadian roommate came out of the kitchen with a can of butter in his...
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Today I am thinking about PROMISES. A promise is a debt. But it doesn't necessarily have to be. I can avoid making it so. When I say I will do something I'd better do it otherwise my credibility will be diminished or even lost completely. However, if there is an unforeseen circumstance that hinders...
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Despite its roller-coaster economic upheaval, China still remains one of the few places in the world with a lifestyle characterised by basic simplicity which almost resembles child-like innocence. Most of the people I have met in China are simply down-to-earth curious about non-Chinese. They are so...