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This has been an intense year of writing for me. I began editing one of the novels I have had in print, "A Place Of Belonging," in January, and I'll finish that this week. I'll soon put up a mix of songs related to this story on iTunes, and I hope this winter to put a brief, staged...
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Hey everyone, here's a short piece I wrote for AOLnews about why, despite all the warnings about privacy online, we just can't bring ourselves to care nearly as much as we should.  A taste: “Oh but haven't recent polls demonstrated that we are more concerned than ever about our privacy online?...
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Kudos to Larissa Wohl, a cable news reporter for El Segundo TV, for her fine journalistic report about the recent Author Fair at their local library. The segment now appears on YouTube. It’s a nice chance to check out this news story if you don’t live in El Segundo. Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten...
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Happy to report some significant recognition for the Milner shows and book. First eight of my songs about Darwin and evolution were chosen to be performed by a 100-voice children's choir at MIT by the North Cambridge Family Opera Company. The children were amazing in their performances of my rapid-...
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The first time I saw the words "book trailer," I thought I was misunderstanding what I was reading. Didn't the person mean, "movie trailer"? Curious, I clicked on the link and had my eyes opened up to a new possibility for promotion and creativity. Now, I don't know how long...
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A recently uncovered informational video - that may or may not be from the 1950s - explores how writers balance their writing lives with their everyday lives. Or not.   
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Yes, we’ve only done two short episodes, but bloopers aren’t picky. As we finish work on Episode III of IWS, we thought we would entertain you with our first blooper reel. Enjoy.        
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Everything I think I’ve hit the ultimate peep phenomenon, the one thing that totally conveys everything there is to convey about Peep Culture, something new comes up. In this case, it’s ChatRoulette, a site that is spawning all kinds of articles, blog posts and states of excitement. On ChatRoulette...
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Most writers will, during the course of their careers, find it necessary to delve into the file of their "previously written but unsold" material.  This is called "re-purposing," and it's a valuable tool in every writer's arsenal. Thankfully, much material is applicable to...
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If you're on Huffington Post as a blogger or commenter, please fan me on there. My latest piece for them, "Book Trailer 101", includes quotes from Erin Bried, Wendy Nelson Tokunaga, Elissa Stein, Chris Pitzer and A.R. Silverberry about book trailers! Last month, in the name of book...