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earth did not open up to swallow showers arid soil clung to flowers of a wilting summer waited for you wiping stains of lips pressed against glass eyes searching clouds for your face joyful tears your voice choked silence waited days stretching months breaking waited you burst today in spasms I am...
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by J.R. Wagner   Yes, this is THE contest I've been talking about.              Here are the details I have so far:   Contest Format: video via YouTube upload Content requirements: Exiled, Chapter 1 -chapter one of Exiled on film (I will provide a...
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photo: The Victorian Rocking Chair in question, taken by yours truly   A few random things rattling and echoing around the empty brain cave:   --In the 2010 movie The A-Team, Liam Neeson looks exactly like Carl Yastrzemski--tanned face, pronounced nose and chin, close-cropped grey hair...
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  This is a huge display of yogurt from someone's YouTube video, grocery shopping in Switzerland.   Yes, it's true, I don't have much to do these days, it being the dog days of summer. And yes, I have an injury to my neck which precludes hard physical labour :)   But I've...
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  Photo: BP icon, from its Wikipedia page.     I used to have a column in my college newspaper with the above title.  I didn't care much for the title--or, as it turns out, looking back, for my writing abilities--at the time.  And I don't care much for the title now,...
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I have seen book advertisements on the real TeeVee (trailers if one so wishes to name them) and I take a look. I gotta say those static ones with stills and prose and generic music do not help the cause. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   Reddit Adds Site for Literary Videos By Jason Boog In...
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  A new book of mine, A Reason To Tremble, will be officially released toward the end of the month. Check in often with my FB often if you're interested in the book, and you'll find the trailer on YouTube.      
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Finally! One for the writers! Yes, we (Inside the Writers' Studio) jumped into the Sh*t [group of people] Say fray, but how could we not? Who has more sh*t to say than writers? Guest starring NYT best selling novelist (and hilarious) Caroline Leavitt, 600 Hours of Edward author Craig Lancaster, and...
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Google has released results showing that one hour of video is uploaded every second, to which I answer, seriously? Amazing! Cool! I'm a YouTube fan. Sure, the fighting cats and playing cats, and the goats and dogs are all cute, and the cat playing the piano and Simon's Cat attracts me once in...
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  At one time or another, we all fit a stereotype. Which one are you?  (Better yet, which one is a writer you know?) Clicking the image will take you to the YouTube video. Enjoy!