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  Summer has hit early, so I was cleaning my kitchen before the heat hit with Young and Restless on in the background. Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) just came home from the hospital. I glanced at the computer screen and there was a headline on Facebook: Jeanne Cooper gravely ill. At first I wasn't...
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I hate debates. I truly do. I hated when I had to do them in middle school, high school, college. I hate it when people get into debates about politics, or who was the guy Carly Simon wrote "You're So Vain" for. I know what I believe in, I don't want to debate it to death. So I am stepping my...
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First off I want to thank many of you who have corrected me on some mistakes I made about Paul Rauch's varied career. I made corrections when need be on the blog in question. There was a lot of debate, however: He's great at what he does! No he's a jerk! No he's what soaps need right now!  It made...