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  What happens when a moody teenage angel is forced to attend high-school?   The answer is Griffin's Fire.   Griffin's Fire is the second installment in Darby Karchut's Terrae Angeli young adult fantasy series, published by Twilight Times Books. I didn't read the...
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I don't read YA fiction and I certainly don't write it - by my writing pal Lyn does. She's darned good at it, and she's working to make the genre stretch structurally.But what, really, does this genre of fiction mean to its youthful readers? This essay fromThe Millions book blog explains a lot...
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I just came home after a day out (my birthday, if you must know) and found out one of our authors was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article. Being someone who is always thrilled when someone gets publicity, I started to read. Unfortunately, Cheryl Rainfield (one of our new authors) got...
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It is my pleasure to have as my guest today writer Susanna Dunlap. A native of Buffalo, NY, Dunlap is the author of The Musician’s Daughter and several other music-related novels for adults and young adults. In this interview the author talks about her life, her inspiration for The Musician’s...