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Mahatma Gandhi would have been pleased to find a Hollywood star snuggling his words. Known for his penchant for white women, he was their knight in spiritual armour. It is, therefore, not surprising – although a bit amusing – to discover that he is the 'other man'. Here is a snappy report...
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I remember part of that famous story though I cannot recollect of which it is a part or where exactly I read it, that on a full moon night in a particular month of the year that scene would be repeated: The train running in full speed under the illumined railway tracks at a particular hour, exactly...
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"When we find that one person, that one love, we have found the physical manifestation of our Creator." Barbara Boyer, Courage of Fear Good Morning all: When first reading this philosophy of relationships I thought it sacrilege really. I mean it had always been my understanding that if I...