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Years ago, when my ideal situation fell apart, I had a nervous break down.  My 'nervous system'  literally broke down.  My entire body ceased to function properly, and all I could move were my eyes and mouth.  It scared me.  It was the time that I turned my life around,...
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My memoir's subtitle is A Woman's Journey to Peace With Scoliosis, Her Mother and Her Polish Heritage. Inner peace is my personal daily practice.  Peace is that hummingly alive place where I don't fight. I don't do mental violence to myself for looking crooked in my clothes, I don't do emotional...
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I recently attended a Yoga retreat and took two classes from Rodney and Colleen Yee, one focusing on balance and the other ended with a quote by Picasso on the benefit of reserves.  Well, I can read a balance sheet like the best of them, find the elegant columns that if managed well (at least for a...
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Some spam  is tasty. Possibly because I write on the paranormal, I received an unsolicited morsel this morning from online bookseller AbeBooks alerting me to their new “Weird Book Room.”  The message showcased cover thumbnails of ten representative titles.  My favorites: “The Big Book of Lesbian...
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Time for a breather folks. Seriously. No Obama (other than to wish him a happy birthday - see, I'm not completely callous). No healthcare (though I've got tons of new things to say, I'll give it another day's rest). Today, we discuss Wii. I was given this wonderful little video game system for my...
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Ananda also teaches free monthly yoga classes from March to December in Malcolm X - Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC.  Visit http://yoga.meetup.com/584 to read the schedule.
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Mami Wata, circa 1987 by Zoumana Sane (dates unknown, Senegal)Photo Credit: Don Cole   Today I reflected on how I launched my annual summer museum adventures with a visit to the National Museum of African Art.  The goal of my trip was to soak up the beauty and splendor of the Mami Wata: Arts...
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A JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN…..  Let me tell you I was an unwilling participant to the invitation given by my hostess Meera.  I had no idea of the gathering or the people present. The evening was spent amidst strangers, who talked incessantly like my telephone. As the evening slipped into a starry...
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There is something unspeakably moving about visiting the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, especially if you do it, as I did, completely by accident on the anniversary of the day Dr. Martin Luther King was shot, on April 4, 1968. I was in Memphis recently, teaching two Wake Up to Your Weight...
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Early morning swim, 9 AM, early for me. And I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind spending eternity swimming laps in just such a place [UCSC Olympic size pool]. It’s possible to swim and, after a time, conscious, conscious only of breath, breath… simply following the breath… I sit hours at a time in front...