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...if you'd read... Chapter 21 "Obedience" is up at Memoir in Progress, the ongoing saga of a 20-something Manhattanite, turning her back on writing and the arts, because she gets convinced that yoga/mediation/enlightenment have something more to offer...  
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The question that hovers over this book for me -- one I cannot answer, but which I hope the writing will -- is WHY did this person, this young me, stay in this situation. I think it's a question millions of people ask themselves when they look back on certain times in their life...I invite you to...
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Today is a good day. Work is quiet enough that I can write while I'm here, something that hasn't happened for a couple of months. I invite you to read Chapter 17 of Memoir in Progress, Family. I am trying to paint for you a story that took place 20 years ago, perhaps it is a cautionary tale.
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The next chapter of memoir is up, the story of a twenty-something in Manhattan getting drawn in to what will become a cult. How do these things happen to smart, sensitive people? This is the question I write to chip away at...I invite you to read chapter 15, The Hard Kind of Easy at Memoir in...
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I am 53 years old, am a writer, have a husband who loves me and whom I love, a home and animals -- so I've come to a pretty good place all things considered. But I spent a good 20 years in a couple of cults, had anorexia, spent 5 years in a relationship that kept me on a short leash. I write memoir...
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  I packed to move into Natvar’s school. It didn’t take long. I threw out every letter Geoffrey had ever sent me, from the very first one declaring his love for me, and put a few boxes of books in storage with my mother. My parents and youngest sister, Agnes, had found a small cottage to rent...
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I felt different after the chant, in the days following. Maybe, I thought, maybe I could look into all this guru stuff more closely. Maybe this is what has been missing. Maybe I have been wrong about what a guru is. I had been feeling like I’d been wrong about a lot of things for awhile. Peeling...
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In front of Natvar on the floor was a shiny wooden rectangular box with a short keyboard – black and white keys like a small piano. On the other side of the masking-tape aisle sat Mark cross legged in front of an oblong drum, the kind with two circles of stretched skin on either side and an oval of...
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The latest chapter from the memoir I am writing online at http://experiments-in-memoir.blogspot.com, a memoir with no title yet...   Though he had turned me down up in Maine, within a few weeks of my return to the city Bill and Laura had broken up as I'd been so confident they would, and Bill...
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Back in February, The Guardian ran a piece on “Rules for Writing Fiction” that featured sage advice from famous writers on what to do and what not to do. In general, I hate that type of article, which always makes me feel like I’m doing it all wrong. In this compendium of advice, as in most such...