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I have a new blog entry over on my site.  It's part one of a three part series, its about the history of yoga and what it's really about.  The next post will be on how to incorporate Yoga into your daily life and the last will be about using Yoga for PTSD. Site: http://masscasualties.com/2011/03/...
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Igor Yopsvoyomatsky, Editor-in Chief of Paranoia is Fact.com, answers readers' questions. Dear Igor, Our son Noah invited us for our 40th Anniversary. We flew in from Boca with a big surprise for him. In the six months since we had seen each other we had each gone on  the South Beach Diet...
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Meditation and Yoga: A Road to Recovery                Four of the founding members of Sandusky's Converging Paths Meditation Center travelled to Lennox, Massachusetts for three days of training during the first week of November. The retreat was held at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health <...
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In honor of this week's publication of Stretch, I thought I'd reprint this little essay I wrote for The Faster Times back in June. Hope you all enjoy. NP Soon after yoga school began, three weeks that feels like three months ago, a small group of people asked the management if the doors could...
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The story continues to unfold, I welcome you to Chapter 26 of Memoir in Progress, the story of what might be called a "private cult" ...the setting is Manhattan, the year is 1982 ... Memoir in Progress
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Dear Followers of the Tale, I wrote Chapter 24 in last night's workshop and typed it up today under cover at work. If you want to see what our heroine is up to, please take a look! Memoir in Progress!
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A short new chapter for Memoir in Progress went up this morning, Chapter 24: Short Leash. For all those interested in how cults take shape invisibly...
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This week that's what writing has felt like: facing the darkness, not closing my eyes, writing. I invite you to view the results. Chapter 23 of my memoir in progress is up. with warm wishes, Marta Memoir in Progress
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I hear people say that often. One friend said it to me recently, adding, "I just don't have that 'obedience' DNA." But I see how he is utterly dominated by his wife, how she shapes almost his every thought, how he does not dare cross her. He calls that love. Exactly. I can make the case...
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On July 21, 2010, fourteen middle-aged women and one fearless man hiked to a place called Headquarters Pass, one of the places to enter the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  I have a real yen to go into the wilderness, but so far I just skirt around the boundaries.   We weren’t serious backpackers but...