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Nothing refreshes my soul like time spent in the mountains. The pungent scent of pines and sagebrush on the breeze … the majesty of granite peaks soaring into the sapphire sky … the utter silence of a mountain meadow … the sense that ghosts of mountain men still roam the forested mountainsides. A...
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Becky, a zookeepers's daughter from Iowa, is a writing friend and one of my more interesting acquaintances.  Her tale of her son being attacked by a deer on his way home after curfew one night starts my laughing machine anew.  She tells its so well, and it's just one of those perfectly...
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Taken at Yellowstone about a decade after fires burned through much of the park. http://redroom.com/member/stephen-evans/writing/forest-fire    
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I didn't see all of the segments of Ken Burns' documentary on America's National Parks, but from what I did, I was disappointed there was not more on the artists who were so instrumental in the founding and promotion of our greatest wilderness areas. If I'm wrong, and there was a one- or two-hour...
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Check out some of my photographs in the current issues of a number of publications: National Geographic Traveler's March 2009 issue ran one small image on page 88 for an article entitled "Good As Gold", originally captured in Downieville, California. And in Via magazine's March/ April...
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In her RedRoom Blog posting on September 15, 2008http://www.redroom.com/blog/susan-browne/missive-crescent-city#comment-10908Susan Browne wrote “Elk Crossing sign!  Are they kidding?  But I slowed down.  And then I saw an elk.  What a grand creature, pacing elegantly across the lawn of someone's...