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A quick shout out to Rosanne Dingli, who brought up the topic of writers' virtues in a recent blog.  (Her blog is interesting; go there.)  This started a conversation with someone about specifically which five virtues were mandatory for every successful writer.  We disagreed about...
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Photo: A boundary stone marking the border of the village of Eyam, England.  The high sheriff would leave food at this rock for the entire village, since the village itself voted to not let anyone in or out until the plague passed.  For a bit of this remarkable story, see my blog...
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Tomorrow I begin the outline for my current, as yet untitled, WIP (Work in Progress). I'm excited and nervous. Excited because I'm embarking on a new story with new characters, and nervous for the same reason. When you have the unknown stretched out in front of you--along with a deadline that's...