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In September we talked about Boomers buying and selling their youth. Let’s take it a step further … what’s in your closet, garage or attic that you can reminisce over for a few minutes … and then let it go? I ask because I’ve had to do that recently. Let’s face it – times are tough and some of us...
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photo: The Salvation Army shield, from its Wikipedia page   I had a successful yard sale this past Saturday.  I very impulsively decided to have one for many reasons psychological and emotional, but in the end it came down to needing more space in here.  I'm fortunate to live in...
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photo: The Victorian Rocking Chair in question, taken by yours truly   A few random things rattling and echoing around the empty brain cave:   --In the 2010 movie The A-Team, Liam Neeson looks exactly like Carl Yastrzemski--tanned face, pronounced nose and chin, close-cropped grey hair...