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photo: The Salvation Army shield, from its Wikipedia page   I had a successful yard sale this past Saturday.  I very impulsively decided to have one for many reasons psychological and emotional, but in the end it came down to needing more space in here.  I'm fortunate to live in...
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Rig a jig jig. Mom used to always sing that to us as we reached our home after driving around and doing errands. Home again, home again, rig a jig jig. So I do the same as I pull into my driveway after a trip, home again, home again, rig a jig jig. I thought my wife would sleep well in my absence...
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I spied out our living room picture window—true to my Gladys Kravitz, the nosy neighbor on Bewitched, nature—to check whether the town’s water meter man in a pickup was still parked outside. He had been sitting there in his truck, motor idling, for 20 minutes. But he was gone. Instead, just beyond...