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NEW SERIES FROM CROSSROAD PRESSposted by Dave New publisher Crossroad Press has launched a shared-world series titledO.C.L.T., standing for Orphic Crisis Logistical Taskforce. These novels, written by a number of different authors, will center around a core team of nine characters. Series...
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The X-Files did an episode were Scully, in a comatose state, was hovering between death and the earthly world. Her experiences played out in beautiful dreamlike symbolism created from a mix of myth, life experiences and divine energy. At one point, Scully dressed in her hospital blues was sitting...
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Major disturbance in the novella corner: opened my Hummingbird Chapter 6 file to work tonight and there was only gibberish and garble ala...omg...I went to open it and cut and paste some garble and it has miraculously reappeared in my broken English.  Here I was thinking I'd have to rewrite the...
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There's a scene in the Showtime series Californication where the main character, an author of some success played by David Duchovny of X-Files fame, is in the mansion of a rock star, surrounded by sex, drugs, naked girls, booze, loud music and the usual x-rated trappings, while he's talking to a...
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                        For those into the paranormal, fantasy and fringe science…   EXTREME LIQUIDATION                        A SCIENCE FANTASY available at http://www.lyricalpress.com/extreme_liquidation                           Reincarnation is preventing Aleister Crowley from ascension,...
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Let's admit it: fantasy authors love trilogies. It's kind of hardwired into us, a sort of genetic predilection to multiple books, and for a number of years everyone's been reasonably comfortable with the state of things. Part of it's historical; the towering works in our field, Tolkien's most...