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I am a contributing writer to the new blog, Type Rope Walkers: The Risks and Rewards of Being a Writer. Check it out! http://www.typeropewalkers.com
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This article is a bit of heavy-going (though I realize many would say the same about Kafka himself). I, personally, think  that Kafka's Jewishness and his religion did not influence his writing to any great degree. Quite frankly, Kafka was beyond all that stuff. Still, in my novel about Kafka...
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  A couple of years ago, my colleagues and I were watching BBC News 24 during our lunch break.  There was a report about the Chilean miners trapped underground for several weeks.  Finally rescued, the men were telling the interviewer about the bond of solidarity that had developed...
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Kafka-Fragments, Barbican, reviewWriter Franz Kafka and Hungarian composer Gyorgy Kurtag seem made for each other. Rating: * * * * By Ivan Hewett Rarely have a writer and a composer seemed so made for each other as Franz Kafka and the 84-year-old Hungarian Gyorgy Kurtag. Kafka reveals the...
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I have been studying about the scribes and pharisees of the times of Jesus and the way they were always bogging him with tricks of words from the Law. I can outline a few major problems, besides the long list of lamentations over them which Jesus threads on toward the end of the 23rd chapter of...