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Readers like to ask writers “Where do you get your ideas?” It’s such a common question at book readings that I’ve noticed writers (on blogs) making fun of people who ask it. Yet it’s rather silly to ridicule someone for asking a question most writers can’t answer themselves. So here’s my answer: I...
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Ellen Sussman's FRENCH LESSONS, about how a single day in Paris changes the lives of three women, is already racking up some raves, including Ann Packer,  who says, "This is a novel to savor."  I asked Ellen if she'd write something for my blog, and I'm honored that she did.  Thank you...
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           Suits, the new USA summer show about a guy passing himself off as a lawyer, had me worried at the beginning. The very first scene was a real lawyer lying to a client to get a deal closed. That’s a huge, disbarrable no-no. The writers redeemed themselves when the characters...
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One of the hardest tasks an author faces is sitting down in a chair to face the blank page. There is no doubt that after yesterday's announcement that V. S. Naipaul said that no woman could equal him as a writer because of sentimentality and female tosh, the task of facing the blank page got a bit...
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Stop by my website and check out this quick tip on recognizing passive voice and tense issues given to me by my editor on Jewels of Hera.  Check it out and I hope it helps.http://www.kellyabellbooks.com/apps/blog/
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I want to nitpick one of my favorite shows, The Good Wife, again. A couple gaffes with jury scenes really threw me out of the moment recently. It seems that most people who write about juries have never actually seen jury selection or how bailiffs handle juries, because I see lots of stuff...
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I've just begun the editing process on my new book Jewels of Hera coming out from kNight Romance Publishing in October 2011.  I received an email from my editor that I've posted on my Writing Tips for Writers blog.  Man I wish I'd had this one email years ago.  Stop by and check it out and I hope...
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I was surprised when I watched this week’s episode of The Event and saw them swearing in the Vice President to be President. The plot is that the aliens who have infested the planet poisoned the President, intending to kill him. He’s in a coma. So the Vice President and Cabinet met to have...
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I got really excited about this article because when I teach about using the law in writing I always challenge people to tell me why admiralty law can be pretty exciting. They look at me with blank stares, because it sounds deadly dull, doesn’t it? But admiralty is more than cruise ship...
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I’m so happy to have been a guest at Elizabeth’ Austen’s blog, writing about Thinking Like a Writer (a nice reminder for those of us who can’t manage to sit down to write as often as we’d like). Elizabeth is a poet, teacher, and performer whose most recent collection, Every Dress a Decision, has...