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Yesterday, or maybe it was Saturday, a chance comment set me right in the midele of a story that was unreeling in my head. I had to start writing. So I wrote and wrote and wrote and the story consumes me. Consume my time, my thoughts, and the images are clear and colored in mourning. I haven't been...
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Recently, someone I know who is writing a book, asked me how to name her main character.  She had written a chapter or so about the character but she kept changing the name and at this point had no name for her.  For a moment I started blankly at her, since, to be honest, I had never...
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Although Ernest Hemingway's early short stories are more florid, his style became almost journalistic, with writing that draws you into the current of the story before you realize it. He was a master of understatement; hyperbole was not Hem. His best prose is light and airy, almost dreamlike. His...
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I always want to write in an authentic voice. So to do that, I dig around my subconscious for an experience, sometimes using a pick to break through my protective crust in search of that golden something. And when I strike that gold, it can literally explode inside of me and expose me to a rawness...