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I laugh when I read other writers saying, "Write wherever you are". A laudable aim. Who amongst us has never written on a busy train, whilst sitting under a tree, in a cafe, or even in the living room while others are watching the telly? But the truth is  - and I'm a bit embarrassed to...
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Yay, I finally have a place to write in, a room with a door I can (almost) shut! Yup, I'm in our cellar. (The shed idea didn't pan out, many boring reasons why not. Mainly because Israel ain't really a shed culture.) Here is the illustrious entrance to my domain: Bend your head a little, it's...
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It's official: I've traded in my sacred writing space for sacred writing TIME... Thanks to a single nugget of wisdom gifted at a recent writer's conference. Writer’s conferences are the joy of most living, breathing writers. They provide us a chance to share tips and tricks with fellow writers,...
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Belle wants to start a conversation about beauty so I thought I would double up on topics and blog on that and the pictures I took of my work space. http://www.redroom.com/gallery/workwriting-spaces Put it on slideshow and focus on the woodgrain. I took that pic to review some concepts about...
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  When Belle Yang asked me to show my writing space, I couldn't help but think of Brenda Dickson.             Who, you might ask, is Brenda Dickson? Well apparently, you never saw the famous YouTube video of Ms. Dickson. She made the video right after she left her famous role of Jill Foster Abbott...
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For years, I've imagined a coffee table book with images of authors' desks and studios. One Redroom author wrote a few weeks ago that her desk is piled high with papers and too unsightly to be photographed.  I said, "I'd like to see it."  She replied, "You first."  My room is...