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Hey All, I am a writer from New York City — and I'd love to start a writing group where people can come together, share work and publishing techniques. I'm an editor of a literary journal (www.caperjournal.com) and have just completed a manuscript. I've been published on several journals and want...
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Okay, it’s now that time of year when we look ahead (and make New Year’s Resolutions) and look back (at all the things we accomplished — or not, hence the New Year’s Resolutions). On the publishing front, literary agent Nathan Bransford looks back at 2009 in his blog … while this Booksquare post...
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I'm watching the old (2000) movie, Finding Forrester, as I work on this blog post. Have you seen it? It's the story of an aging agoraphobic author played by Sean Connery (the only actor worthy of the name Bond, in my opinion) and his young protoge', a brilliant inner city kid named Jamal. Forrester...
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In 1994, I walked into a colleague's office and said, "I need to be in your writing group."  It wasn't really a statement but a command.  Let me in.  Now. For a few years, I'd been trying to get back into writing, something I had done since junior high school.  I had all the excuses that...
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Oh, it hurts. I believe it was Ernest Hemingway who coined the title to this post. He was referring to those wonderful turns of phrase a writer comes up with that, in the final analysis, simply don't belong in the story and must go. It's painful to chop a few beautiful lines from what you've...
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I'd like to find a writing circle (or square) in or around San Francisco. I'm a poet looking for other writers who'll make me uncomfortable but not scared. I'm also willing to make my apartment available for biweekly or monthly sessions to start a new group. Any suggestions?   
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The history of my writing starts with a purse. Like the character of Linda in my new novel, The Wednesday Sisters, my first writing teacher—at a college extension class—dumped hers out over the table and told us to write for five minutes about anything that spilled out. She swore we wouldn’t have...
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I belong to an awesome freewrite group. We meet every few weeks. We sit together and write for an hour, and then we read what we've written, no matter how rough. It's a great way to generate new material. Usually I use the time to craft a scene in my novel, or write part of a column draft, but...