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Had an impromptu two by two evening - A two mile walk to meet  two friends.  We visited for two hours and I had two beers.  Then I walked two miles home. The friends were Beckie & Becky, which might be a good title for a television show about two divorced women who start a pet...
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I was drawn to a documentary about the sculptor, Auguste Rodin, this afternoon because one of my favorite places to write when the weather is good is on a bench by the Rodin sculpture garden at the Cantor Arts Center. I had no idea that Rodin's story is such a lesson in both the need to believe in...
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Read "All My Friends Are Writers" on BiblioBuffet and scroll down for chance to win first four books in The Sisters 8 series: here. How about you? Are all your friends writers? Be well. Don't forget to write.    
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Seemed to be loads of little jobs to do before the day really got started today (why are some mornings just like that??), but I managed to squeeze in a meditation poem: Meditation 204 A faith that glistensin the eyes of your friendsslips through your fingers,does not glide into skin:a halfway house...
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Marian and I had a wonderful game of golf today - I think it's the best we've ever played. And we both got two pars apiece - bliss! Really, it was one of those rare and perfect golf days where I could have spat at the ball and it would still have gone in the hole. And even the sun was shining. What...
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I've uploaded my review of Vanessa Gebbie's Words from a Glass Bubble to Vulpes Libris today. Certainly a mixed bag but a very interesting writer for sure. The rest of my day has been spent in totally glorious sunshine with Lord H, searching for birds. We visited Burton Mill Pond and the ever...
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I’d almost forgotten the rather strange incident of today’s Bible reading, but here’s my take on it: Meditation 190 For Joshuathe sun stands stillover Gibeon, and the moonover Aijalonceases its nightly dance until the battle is won.So humanitygains a day while a city diesand nations fall,and little...
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Here’s today’s meditation, which is a strange little incident where Joshua meets an angel of the armies of God before the great challenge of Jericho. I’d even forgotten it was there: Meditation 184 A shadow swordand a ghostly armyecho your every move. Your only response:remove your sandals;kneel;...
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Back to a more normal routine today, thank goodness. Here’s this morning’s meditation: Meditation 154 Sex and warshould not mix; keep your wild dreamshidden. Towards eveningyou long for the clean spaces, the reassuranceof water, but at sunsetthe boundaries of flesh contain you again. At work, I’m...
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Ye gods and little fishes, the miracle has finally occurred and I've actually finished the first draft of Hallsfoot's Battle, hurrah! It's come in at 129,438 words and I'm smiling. I particularly love the ending - and not just because I could then lay my head on my keyboard and give a deep and...