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Writing and blogging, expressing thoughts and more writing ... it means something different depending on whether you're the writer or reader, or both. For me, I like to write about life, to share my thoughts as real as life is and in the gorgeous and ghastly glory it strikes us. It's been some...
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 I learned a lot about writing in the past month as I endured The Attack of the Killer Parking Garages. My first encounter with a garage was with my own... Read the article
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The Orange Couch I'm sitting in a cafe in New Orleans called The Orange Couch. It's 8:28 in the morning.  I have one of my favorite tables. I'm working hard. I will until I'm too tired. The air conditioning hums. The coffee machine hisses agreeably, infusing steam into jolts of espresso....
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Greene Street, New York City, 1980 You are walking on Greene Street in Soho, that brawny neighborhood populated by cast iron buildings as breathtaking as anything ever built in America. It is 7:30 on a summer evening. The air is soft. It is a twilight city light in which even steel seems benign....
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Sometime today I will hit 500,000 views for this page on Red Room. It was just a little over a year ago I reached one-quarter million. That’s not viral. That’s simply steady writing. You can do it, too. Success has many definitions, and there are also many ways to feel unsuccessful. Some people...
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I shut my eyes. I can't stop yawning. My parched mouth needs a rest. I’m in need of sleep. I only shut them for a few minutes but it’s long enough to feel the party going off within, the fireworks and poppers shooting into my ribs and Pink Lady cocktails being shaken over ice to form an inch of...
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And again. Two simple little words that can mean so much. They hold the promise of another chance to do better, the suggestion that what was done was not quite good enough, and the idea that one can do better.  All that in two of the tiniest, most basic of words. When I was riding "and again"...
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As the curator for the International Museum of Women’s new global exhibition, Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices, the one question I find myself repeatedly asking is, “What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of a Muslim woman?"     The sad reality is that many...
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I could definitely use a lower-stress job, this is sucking the writing energy right out of me! Regardless, the weather is desperately trying to become somewhat Fall-like here in entirely too hot Austin, Texas, and my thoughts turn lightly to hanging out downtown and engaging in people-watching....
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In every writer's life, or really in any individual's life, there is a person who changes the entire course of their lives. This person is more than a hero, more than a momentary inspiration (although nothing against brief flashes of inspiration-they are brilliant and appreciated always), they are...